Прилипание: Многофункциональный тестер характеристик покрытий

BEVS 2205 Multifunction Coating Performance Tester has the multi-function of cross cut adhesion testing, pencil hardness testing and scratch resistance testing. It is easy to operate by taking the full touch screen technology. Multi-functions in one can meet more requirements for customers.


Multifunction Coating Performance Tester

  Panel Size: Max. Width 75mm

 Sample Thickness: 0.5 - 20mm

 Standard Load Range: 5 - 50N

 Special Load Range: 1 - 10N (Optional)

 Cutting Stroke Length: Max. 45mm

 Cutting Speed: 2 - 20mm/s

 Cutting Space: 1-5mm

Scratch Stylus: Ø 0.5/1.0/ 2.0mm

 Pencil: 9B - 9H

Dimension: 550L x 410W x 520H mm

 Power Supply: 110/230V AC, 50/60Hz (Optional)

 Max Power: 500W

  • LCD color touch screen
  • Rotated and moveable platform
  • Automatic adjustment of load range
  • Automatic adjustment of speed and stroke
  • Cutting space adjustment
  • Cutting number adjustment
  • tester2
    main interface

    Main Interface: Real time display cutting, scratch and related operating parameters

    setting interface

    Setting Interface: Running speed, cutting space and load etc.

    Setting test mode

    Setting Test Mode: Select and set cross cut, scratch and pencil hardness etc.

    iso 2409-1992, iso 15184, ASTM D3359, ASTN D3359, ASTN D3363, BS 3963, BS 3900 E6, GB/ T9286-98