Technical data

Connection diagram

Opening logics

  • воздушный шлюз
  • передаточные боксы
  • помещение для переодевания
  • два или три отсека коридора.


Power supply 24V DC by ONE CELL Case Plastic case with wall mounting brackets
Dimensions 108x95x38 (h) mm External power pack
Connections to door's components RJ45 outside casing Auxiliary functions connector type -
LED signals on case top: traffic light status, door status and electric lock status. Door status remoting RJ45 connector
Doors connected 2 Modularity Only with ONE CELL MODULE
Maximum doors managed 2* Door opening logics L1, L2, L3 **
Door opening logics programing Dipswitch Door initial state N.O. ***
Door initial state programming

Door opening auxilary accessories: (badge reader etc.)

24Vdc power supply for door opening auxilary accessories.

Automatic door management

Opening with recovery time

Possibility of different recovery times of 2 or more doors.

Recovery time programming

Relay auxiliary output low voltage for ventilation cycle

Relay auxiliary output low voltage for UV lamp cycle

Auxilary input for general release of electric locks

Customizable auxilary input

*   The controle board ONE CELL when connected to ONE CELL EXPANSION MODULE is able to manage 2+2 = 4 doors
**  See on door opening logic datasheet
*** NC = Normally closed, NO = Normally opened